Manufacturing & Production

Our direct, long-term factory relationships set us apart from the competition, and enable us to produce fast turnarounds without compromising quality in all aspects of production. We utilize a wide variety of materials, including PVC and ABS plastic, polystone resin, plush fabric and more, with or without electronic integration.

Production Process

Concept Work

Product conceptualization begins with understanding the goal of the product. We define the product's purpose and establish the channel for the product vision to make it into the real world. Using effective conceptualization combines understanding the product, the product's use, and the interaction between the product and the person.


Before any production can be done, a prototype must be developed. A prototype is a physical sculpture representing the appearance of the finished product, therefore, it can be done digitally with a 3D modeling program and then made physical through the process of 3D pring (or Rapid Prototyping).


Also known as machine tooling, and it is the process of acquiring the manufacturing components and machines needed for production. Proper tooling directly affects output capacity as well as product lifecycle, quality and pricing.


The production process included the final assembly of the product. The entire process is done with the right material and component supplies at the least cost, reduce production time, eliminate waste, and ensure quality in the final product.

Quality Control Inspections

Our factories have outlined quality principles and the procedure for implementing a quality management system. A product is said to be high in quality if it is functioning as expected and reliable.

Shipping Logistics

We have grown into a cross-industry platform that bridges China to the world, and our logistics shipping spans these key disciplines:

  • Import and Export
  • Ocean and Air
  • Truckload Services
  • Carrier Management and Development
  • Shipment Routing Optimization
  • Improvement of Cost Operations Ratio
  • Transportation Management
  • Storage, Warehousing and Inventory Control

Retail Services

Catering to the mid-tier collectible market, Multiverse Studio has the capacity to solicit your product on your behalf to almost every collectible region in the world. With hundreds of wholesale distribution contacts and our own logistics partners, Multiverse Studio can be your worldwide service provider.