Premium Quality Collectibles

We have produced officially licensed, high-quality collectible statues and figurines for some of the most renowned companies in the video game industry. With dynamic poses and presentation, ultra-realistic and detailed paint effects, and technological innovation, Multiverse Studio Inc. has been setting (and surpassing) the standards for collectible consumer products for years.

  • 12" Ryu Hayabusa Resin Statue

  • 12" Oni Resin Statue

  • 12" Death & Despair Resin Statue

  • 12" War & Ruin Resin Statue

  • Chicken & Chick Plush

  • 11" Juri Resin Statue

  • 12" Dog Plush

  • 18" Ryu Anniversary Resin Statue

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About Our Collectibles


Multiverse Studio boasts decades of collective experience in all forms of aesthetics, ranging from 2D print and digital design, to advanced 3D sculpture and mechanics. When applicable, our utilization of in-game 3D files ensures 100% authenticity to the licensor's original vision. Our collectibles feature dynamic poses and presentation, use of LEDs as both effects and ambience, and the highest standards of quality materials.


Our expert team is proficient in various methods of paint application, ranging from highly-detailed strokes simulating ultra-realistic effects, to clean and crisp stylizations, and everything in between.


Our engineering prowess is not only limited to large-scale props and replicas. We are able to scale down our cutting-edge technologies and production methods and apply them on a consumer level. Many of our statues incorporate light-emitting diodes which provide functional aesthetics, as well as having the option to power via 5V 1A USB or standard 100-240V AC (US standard wall plug). Other technologies included patented magnetic induction charging and switches.


We are expert crafters on digital platforms and traditional media, and have extensively worked with PVC and ABS plastics, polystone resin, plush and fabrics. We only use the highest quality components that are compliant with all international safety standards. All of our integrated electronics are fully tested and guaranteed to run for over 1000 continuous hours.