Harvest Moon: Chicken & Chick Plush

No farm is complete without chickens! Based on the designs from Natsume's latest game, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, the Chicken and Chick plushies are the perfect pair for any poultry fan!

This clucking mother Chicken measures 15" tall to the top of her comb, and comes with a fluffy and adorable 6" baby Chick that can be transformed into a plush Egg! We'll let you argue which one came first with your friends.

  • 12" Chicken & Chick Plush

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Features & More Information

  • Soft plush material
  • 12 inches tall (from top to bottom)
  • Release Date: Now Available
  • MSRP: $34.99


The Harvest Moon Chicken & Chick is also available at select online retail outlets, including: